SEM & SEO Campaign Management Services

Mpower Web Solutions offers small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) a full-service approach to sponsored search marketing (Google AdWords – SEM) and optimized web content (Blog, Social Media, Website — SEO). Through hands-on experience maintaining websites and e-commerce businesses for our clients, knowledge of up-to-date digital marketing methods, and understanding how search engine and consumer behavior impacts web-driven marketing initiatives, our ultimate focus is to ensure marketing objectives are aligned with the needs, requirements, and goals for your business.

Assessing Search Marketing Goals & Objectives

With a search engine marketing campaign (i.e. SEM — Google AdWords PPC), your goal could be to expand into a new market, grow market share, or maximize profits. Whatever goal(s) you may have in mind, short and long-term, Mpower Web Solutions can help with the implementation and management of your SEM and SEO campaign.

  • Short Term: The short-term goal of SEM and SEO campaign management is to improve your “web presence” through increased website visibility (read: “impressions”). Recently, Google began offering enhancements to paid search listings with the ability to customize links to generate qualified traffic and call-to-action from online marketing efforts. Some of these extensions include:
    • Apps — Landing page or link to download your app directly.
    • Calls — A clickable phone # or extension link to route and track customer phone calls.
    • Locations — Shows a physical location for local walk-in customers.
    • Reviews — Displays positive online reviews captured through reputable third-party sources.
    • Sitelinks — Ability to showcase specific products/services your customers are searching for.
  • Long Term: Long-term goals of higher page rankings as an “organic listing/link” among websites offering competing/similar services may be realized through such an investment in search marketing campaigns (marketing expense) and related website optimization/management/support services offered by Mpower Web Solutions.

Benefits of SEM (Paid) & SEO (Organic)

There are several advantages to “pay-per-click” (PPC) SEM and SEO campaign management offered by Mpower Web Solutions. First of all, the “pay-per-click” (AKA “paid inclusion”) approach to search marketing essentially provides a promotional platform to establish your “web presence”, and can certainly benefit any business professional, start-up venture, or organization. Google AdWords Search Marketing also provides the ability to identify and attract “targeted” website traffic specific to your customer base. Lastly, Google AdWords is an excellent digital marketing resource for generating targeted website traffic, producing sales leads, and growing revenues, while minimizing marketing and IT-related expenses.

SEM and SEO Campaign Management Services: Action Plan & Implementation

As with any business or marketing plan, there are several steps involved to produce effective paid search campaigns, as well as search-engine-friendly web content:

  1. Perform initial research for relevant ad groups, budget, keywords, and competitive positioning.
  2. Recommend strategic positioning methods and tactics across major search engines (i.e. Google, MSN/Bing, Yahoo, AOL).
  3. Produce ad and website copy with compelling titles, descriptions, and call-to-action (i.e. META tags for organic search).
  4. Prepare reports generated from Google AdWords campaign activities and “natural/organic” traffic using Google Analytics. Data acquired through Google Analytics is used to make adjustments to the SEM campaign.